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It is expected to be available in about 1 month, please contact our customer service. This authentic fountain pen is expensive and is dedicated to high-end people. If you are playing a luxury watch or car, you should have known this fountain pen. The mechanical lifting spring pops out the tip of the pen. It is very unique. Here is a show for everyone. Take a real shot of the detailed picture and feel the toughness of this mechanical pen. The carbon fiber shell makes it tall and the overall appearance is very good.

RICHARDMILLE.TO factory’s dazzling work [mechanical fountain pen to masterpiece] RM new work Richard Mille RMS05 mechanical fountain pen.

“Pen body” Consistent with the original, it is made of NTPT (thin layer composite technology) carbon fiber. This material is used as the pen shell, which not only makes it high-end and elegant but also has an outstanding texture. Compared with other carbon fiber materials, it is more compressive, wear-resistant, and excellent. The pattern on the pen body is unique. The perfect combination of cool design and high-tech materials creates an aristocracy in the pen.

“Movement”The RM self-made movement inside the pen body is exquisitely polished. Re-engraved in place, the appearance is synchronized with the original. Tap the bottom mechanism lightly, and the pen tip will go out to sea like a dragon, with a domineering momentum. The cap and the pen body are combined with a spiral design, which can be twisted counterclockwise to the pen body. In appearance and function, it is very similar to a genuine pen body. If you are tired of playing with the watch, let’s play with a mechanical pen.


Automatic, Swiss movement


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